ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks

ColourPop is constantly putting out great products that are extremely affordable. The products they are probably most known for are their liquid lipsticks. They have your typical matte liquid lipsticks, but I find that these can be a little too drying (however, they are still really good) so I bought a couple of the Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks and the two that I bought I LOVE!

I purchased the shades Mess Around (also a near perfect dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Sepia) and Toolips. The liquid lipsticks are all $6, a pretty damn good price for a great quality product.



Left to right: Mess Around, Toolips.

Mess Around is a grey- toned dusty mauve shade and Toolips is a deep maroon with more brown tones.

Yes, these are darker, more Fall colors BUT I still will sometimes wear a dark lip in the summer. There are no rules to makeup! I know I should get some brighter ones, but I just always sway towards these deeper fall shades. There is such a wide variety of shades though and I definitely need to get some more!

The consistency of these satin lipsticks is on the mousse-y side (which I do not mind at all) and they apply and feel like velvet. These lipsticks are extremely pigmented and completely opaque with just one swipe!

If you like liquid lipsticks, but do not like how drying they can be, I definitely recommend these. They are not shiny or glossy looking at all, but give the appearance of a liquid lipstick without the drying factor which is great. The only downside is that since these are not 100% matte and do not have a dry formula, they will transfer a little if you drink or eat anything. They definitely have a great staying power, just not as long as the matte ones (but that is kind of the trade off with not wearing a matte liquid lipstick). Personally, I would rather have a little color transfer than completely dry out my lips. Also, these Ultra Satin lipsticks will not “age” the appearance of your lips and exaggerate all the lines and wrinkles.

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