DIY: Smashbox Primer Water


The Photo Finish Primer Water from Smashbox Cosmetics has become a huge hit in the beauty world. The only downside is that it retails for $32! For something this basic and easy to recreate, I could not justify spending that much money when I could easily recreate it myself at home!

primer water


Ingredients you will need and their purpose:


  • An empty spray bottle (this recipe yields about 4 oz.). I just used an empty Mario Badescu Rosewater spray bottle, but you could find these really cheap anywhere.
  • 4 TB-Witch Hazel- can be found online or at any grocery store. Mine contains alcohol, but if you have dryer skin, witch hazel containing zero alcohol is preferred. Witch hazel is nature’s astringent and is great for anti- inflammatory skincare purposes.
  • 2 TB-Glycerin- I got mine off of Amazon for around $6. Glycerin is the key ingredient in any priming product it is known for making makeup stick to it (this is why the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm is a great primer). It has a syrup-y consistency, but it will stir into the rest of the ingredients just fine.
  • 1 TB-Rosewater- you can get this cheap online or in a health foods store. Rosewater is great to add not only because it will make your primer water smell great, but it helps with controlling excess oils, maintaining the skin’s pH balance, and has anti- inflammatory properties as well.
  • 1 TB-Coconut water- also available in any grocery store. Drinking coconut water is key to achieving radiant and hydrated skin, so I like to just add a little bit for extra hydration.
  • 5 TB Distilled water
  • Optional- add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice like tea tree, lavender, etc.

Once you have collected all of your ingredients, mix them all together until it just looks like regular water, then pour the mixture into your spray bottle. One of the great things about this recipe is that if you run out, you can always make more without having to buy more ingredients (or another $32 bottle of the Smashbox one) because there will be a lot of extras.


And that’s it! Now you have your own primer water that will work just as well as the Smashbox one! You can spray this all over your face and let it air dry before applying your makeup, after you have applied your makeup, and throughout the day to freshen things up. You can even use this without any makeup at all to put some life and hydration back into your skin.

Definitely give this recipe a try and save yourself some $$$!

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