DIY: Distressed Denim Jacket 

Distressed denim jackets have become a huge fashion trend recently, but this also means that they can be a bit pricey. For today’s DIY, I took an old denim jacket that I had bought previously at a resale shop and decided to create my own distressed denim look for a fraction of the price!

What you will need:

  • A denim jacket (you can find denim jackets at resale shops for a few bucks)
  • Tweezers
  • Hobby knife/exacto knife
  • Grater/ microplane zester (a file or sand paper would also work well)

I started by using the hobby knife to cut slits wherever I wanted to have holes and frays. Then, I used the tweezers to pull out the blue threads so that only the horizontal white threads of the material were left. To add a more distressed look to the jacket, I used the microplane to rough up the frays even more as well as the stitching of the jacket.



Hope y’all enjoyed this DIY! Let me know if you have any questions!

Quick DIY: Spice up an old t-shirt! 

I saw this distressed t-shirt look on Kendall Jenner and figured it would be so easy to recreate! In this DIY, I did not make the “V” of my shirt as deep as Kendall’s, but you can make it however you would like!

The only materials you will need are:

  • A pen or fine point sharpie (I used a brow pencil lol) to mark how deep you are going to make the “V”.
  • Sharp pair of scissors
  • A t-shirt

The steps are really easy, this took me less than 5 minutes! You just want to be sure to cut around the neckline because that is going to act as our “built in choker” and is essential to the look we are going for.

This is probably one of the easiest (and trendiest) ways to spice up an old or cheap t-shirt and give it some sass and style. I’m definitely going to be doing this to some of my other band tees!

I hope y’all enjoyed this quick DIY and are inspired to try it out as well!

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DIY: MAC Fix + Spray

This DIY is going to be very easy and inexpensive! I already did a DIY on the Smashbox Primer Water that is so popular, so I decided to do another DIY for the MAC Fix + since it is more of a finishing spray (and probably one of MAC’s most popular products).

You will only need three things:

  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin
  • An empty spray bottle (I just reused my empty Wet N Wild setting spray bottle because the nozzle is AMAZING).

All you need to do is mix about a cup of distilled water with two tablespoons of glycerin. You can increase or decrease the measurements depending on the size of your spray bottle.

Yes, MAC Fix + does contain more ingredients than just water and glycerin, but water and glycerin are the two main ingredients in the product. This DIY spray will not necessarily make your skin look as dewey as the MAC one does (so this is actually good if you have oily skin and are afraid to look extra shiny) BUT it will take away any “powdery-ness” and help all your products to mesh together beautifully. This is also great to spray on the face before applying powder highlight for extra intensity, or on your brush to enhance your eyeshadow.


I hope y’all enjoyed this quick and simple DIY!

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DIY: Acne Spot Treatment

This DIY is going to be short,sweet, and extremely easy and affordable! I have tried quite a few store-bought spot treatments and the only one that has really worked for me is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. The only thing is that this little bottle costs $17. Yes, you do get a lot of product and it will last a while, but I still wanted to play around with some of the natural products I had at home.

I apply two things to my skin everyday: Pure 100% aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. Both of these products are great for acne spots and acne-prone skin types. Both of these have anti-inflammatory properties and tea tree oil especially is known for its acne fighting capabilities. Because of this, I decided to mix the two together to create my own spot treatment.

The steps to this DIY are very simple. All you need to do is mix about a teaspoon of aloe gel and about 5 drops of tea tree oil. You could measure this however you want to, but this is just what I like to go by. I keep this mixture in a little jar and use it on pimples whenever they come up. I notice that overnight the redness has reduced and the pimple decreases in size or sometimes even goes away completely if I take care of it early enough.

I apply the mixture onto the blemish morning and night after my skincare routine with a Q-Tip and pat it in a little with my finger. Then, I use a daily moisturizer overtop.

I hope this post was helpful and you learned something new!

DIY: Fabric Chokers

Chokers have made a huge comeback and because of this, they can be a little expensive, especially the eclectic- looking fabric and lace ones.

This is probably the easiest and cheapest DIY I have ever done and I can’t believe I did not think of this sooner! It only takes one simple step to create your very own fabric chokers.



I had a bunch of these circular elastic headbands that I just never wore and the idea popped into my head! If you do not already own headbands like these, you can get them really cheap at Forever 21, which is where I got all of these from (and it is still cheaper to buy a headband than an actual choker). The best part about this DIY is that you do not need to worry about going out and buying anything else because the only thing you will need is a headband and a pair of scissors!

All you do is cut the band that goes under your hairline in half- that’s it! When you go to wear it around your neck, just tie the lose ends in a double knot (it is still easy to untie). You could take this to the next step and actually purchase jewelry- making supplies to make your DIY choker look more professional, but it was good enough for me just to cut and tie it.

Hopefully this was helpful and gave y’all some ideas!

DIY: Smashbox Primer Water


The Photo Finish Primer Water from Smashbox Cosmetics has become a huge hit in the beauty world. The only downside is that it retails for $32! For something this basic and easy to recreate, I could not justify spending that much money when I could easily recreate it myself at home!

primer water


Ingredients you will need and their purpose:


  • An empty spray bottle (this recipe yields about 4 oz.). I just used an empty Mario Badescu Rosewater spray bottle, but you could find these really cheap anywhere.
  • 4 TB-Witch Hazel- can be found online or at any grocery store. Mine contains alcohol, but if you have dryer skin, witch hazel containing zero alcohol is preferred. Witch hazel is nature’s astringent and is great for anti- inflammatory skincare purposes.
  • 2 TB-Glycerin- I got mine off of Amazon for around $6. Glycerin is the key ingredient in any priming product it is known for making makeup stick to it (this is why the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm is a great primer). It has a syrup-y consistency, but it will stir into the rest of the ingredients just fine.
  • 1 TB-Rosewater- you can get this cheap online or in a health foods store. Rosewater is great to add not only because it will make your primer water smell great, but it helps with controlling excess oils, maintaining the skin’s pH balance, and has anti- inflammatory properties as well.
  • 1 TB-Coconut water- also available in any grocery store. Drinking coconut water is key to achieving radiant and hydrated skin, so I like to just add a little bit for extra hydration.
  • 5 TB Distilled water
  • Optional- add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice like tea tree, lavender, etc.

Once you have collected all of your ingredients, mix them all together until it just looks like regular water, then pour the mixture into your spray bottle. One of the great things about this recipe is that if you run out, you can always make more without having to buy more ingredients (or another $32 bottle of the Smashbox one) because there will be a lot of extras.


And that’s it! Now you have your own primer water that will work just as well as the Smashbox one! You can spray this all over your face and let it air dry before applying your makeup, after you have applied your makeup, and throughout the day to freshen things up. You can even use this without any makeup at all to put some life and hydration back into your skin.

Definitely give this recipe a try and save yourself some $$$!

How To: Tighten Pores & Improve Your Complexion

This is a very easy and inexpensive way that I like to do once every two weeks or so to really shrink my pores and give my skin a little extra TLC. This works extremely well and you will definitely notice a difference in your skin after just one use!


Products you will need:

  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($6-8, you can find this online or at a health food store).clay
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • A manual complexion brush/ Clarisonic (or something like this). I use just a typical complexion brush, but anything like this will work just fine.



Here are the steps:

  • Mix equal parts of the clay and white vinegar in a small bowl (a teaspoon full of each is plenty) until the consistency is a liquidy paste.
  • Immediately apply the mixture to your face and neck evenly (if you let it sit in the bowl for too long, it will dry out).
  • Let this mask sit on your face for about 10 minutes (it will get stiff quickly and if you experience a slight stinging sensation, that is just the vinegar in action!).
  • After letting the mask sit for about 10 minutes, run your complexion brush under warm water and gently massage away the mask. This does get kind of messy, but the clay cleans up easily and is totally worth it!
  • After all the mask residue is gone, pat your face dry with a clean wash cloth or paper towel.

That’s it!

This is extremely easy and does not take too long to see great results! You can do this in the morning before you do your makeup and go about your day, or at night before you go to sleep.